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estructure to put half shadow

  • Half shadow structure

    The structure that you can see in the picture is gor a rectangular corral of 10 meters of wide for 30 meters of long. It is soport by posts of 4"of diameter. the goat's milk diary is built in rectangular pipe of 100 x 50 milimiters with tensosrs lower of 3/4"regulable. It is placed one each 4 metres and upon them three lines of pipe of 1 1/4"of diameter to unit the structure and to give him grater strong.

  • This half shadow system has similar characteristics that the one wich is up.It is utilized for ciculate corrals of diameters that they go from 14 until 20 meters. The central post is of the same high that one of the perimetrals. From the central post leve rays from wire of high resistance (1715) toward each one of the perimetrals to place the structure, that stop the film gets wind.

  • The half shadow structure are provided like corrals accesories whatever radials or rectangulars. They allaw the animals to be in a fresh place during the summer meanwile they wait to go to the milk room.

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