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Automatics crossing gates

  • Fence Cattles

    This fence cattle model AR-200 is prepared to function in rectangular corrals. The screen is built in pipe type 80x40 milimiters with guarantors in the same material and leapfrog of steal of 1/2"of diameter.

    It has two cars, as you can see in the picture with motors weels to perform the displacement forward or behind. The two cars are unite by a beam of 80x160 milimiters of iron.

  • The way of raising the screen is through two neumatic cylinders of 4"of diameter for 500 milimiters of career. This permit the animals pass under the screen and then return to the corral. The velocity of dispalcement is of 2 meters for minute ( approximately).
    The action of this equipment is through bottoms wich are placed in the tomb of the milk machine. It works with space of definitive time between 5 and 180 seconds. It has a chime that sounds each time the system is driven. The purpose of this, is to diminish the corral towarde the the diary farm to permit the income of the animals without no man dismis his job.

  • This system displaces itself upon a carril guide of ``U`` that is placed in the posts of the rectangular corral, and its long is define by the lenght of the wait rectangylar corral. This equipment is provided with a panel of comand, distance bottom place in the tomb, or an inalambric remote control as optional.
    The air compresor is of 1 HP and is not include with the equipment.

  • Fence Carrying of sweeping frontal with manual action of the Sreem

    Utilizing the same principle of operation of the carrying fence with screen of neumatic action.  For the movement upon the carrel are utilized 2 engine reducer through Pinole and crown to the  motor wheels.

  • The screen is divided into two parts for which permits the movement upon a rail of one of the halves for the income of the animals to the corral of wait to be milking.

  • When the screen of the fence is closed impedes that the animals go back. In this way the detours with accuracy can be divided.
    The mobile sreen is mounted upon a train of readments that permits a moving smooth, without need to do strength.

  • It possesses electric panel of command, command since the grave of milk, for of emergency, chime for notice of operation.

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