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  • Waiting circulate corrals and radials crossing gates

    Circulates corrals for the wait of the animals.
    They are made of galvanize pipe. The upper perimeter is 1/12"of diameter, as same as the legs whic are hauling in to the floor.

    These are built by two ways: REINFORCED ( picture ), wich possess 2 or 3 lines of pipe of 1 diameter. They are soldiers to the legs of the structure.

     STANDARD, wich possess the same estructure of of legs than the upper perimeter. It comes prepared to place wire of high resistance type 1715.

  • Radials fences for the corrals that we have described before. They rotate upon a central post of 4". Their main estructure is 1 1/2", with ( garronero) in the same material and reinforcements in 1".T
    All the elements are galvanize mark ACINDAR.

    The corrals and the fences are made in extensive dimensions, that they are detailed subsequently to contain since 100 until 400 animals aproximately.
    Corrals: 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20 meters.

    Radials fences. doble or simple to work like clock of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 meters.
    They have a weel of rubber in the extreme of ´´4´´ of wider for 400 milieters of diameter. Tou can also put reductor that it swich from a bottom since the tomb, so it can totate upon their axis without need to move then manually.

  • Rectangular waiting corrals

    Rectangular corrals built in galvanize pipe.
    The posts of backup are 3"of diameter. They are prepared with a backup to place the gude of the fence harvester.It has 3 lines of pipe of 1 1/2"of diameter place in horizontal shape, to contain the animals.
    This barricade gan go soldier from center to center of the posts of 3"or placed of the internal side of the post.
    As optional posts are placed of ``4``to soport haslf shadow.

  • The rectangulars corrals are built generally of 10 meters of wide by a long average of 30 meters. By the is placed the secondary barricade to aloow the animals to return to the field by the same street they enter.
    These corrals has two fences in the back part to lock the anumals inside it. Also has a distributor of entrance in case the animals goes from several fields.

    This corrals are built in standar measure. of 10x30 meters. In case the clientawant another mesure we will do it.

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