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diary farm accessories

  • Boilers, Metalic stears, Panels to occlusion, Metalic braids to the milk cavity, Sink of stainless steel, Semisolid pumps, Boxes to collect

    Boilers for the heating of the water. Usful to wash the diary farm instalation, milk machine or heating.

    Thery are built in stainless steel quality AISI 304 of 1/8"     (see picture) or in black sheet of 1/8. Is the kind of tubular smoke, since the gases originated in the combustion travel through the pipes that are inside heating the volume of the water.

    They are built as 170 and 380 liters. They are provided with double security thermostat, security valve calibrated to 3.5 kilograms of pressure. Needle thermostat with quadrant of 2 1/2"of diameter and burning gas oil or gas ( bottled or network). Entance and exit of water in 1"diameter to obtain better reault.

  • Reillo burning of 30.000 Kcal per hour, gasoil or packed gas.

  • Stair of galvanization iron, with langueros to ber the step of 80x40 milimeters. Wide of the step 0.50meters, depth 0.25 meters, are built according to every instalation.

  • Panels for help corrals or to place inside the milk room. The are buil to mesurement in galvanization pipe mark ACINDAR.
    The posts that are hault in to the floor has 3`` and the horizontal fence has 1 1/2´´., and is made of the same mark.
    The sheet for edge to the tomb is made of stainless steel quality AISI 304 or galvanize number 12.
    This accesory replaces the traditional one, wich is made of concrete, providing grater confort for the job of the man who works in the diary farm. Besides upon having its curved upper edge, eliminates the risks taht the animals have during the milking.
    Sinks for the washing of the milk machine, of 120, 150 and 200 liters of capacity.
    The are made of stainless steel quality AISI 304.
    Dunging boms for irrigation, with trifasic motor of 3 Hp and 5Hp, pumps since 500 meters until 1000 meters, it depend of the motor you will use.

    This machine triturate the cow dung using water. So at the same time is fertizing the farm.
    The are bult in stainles steel.

    Cilectors boxes for food. These boxes are placed among two silages to mix the food or send it to the ratoner.
    They are built in galvanize sheet number 16.

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