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  • Automatic Transport

    View of the pipe of PVC since the silage to enter to the milk room. You can see, also the collecting box food.

  • View of the deposit food system upon the hoppers of storage inside the
    This equipment transport the food from the silage since the feed box wich are in the milk romm.
    For a smooth operation we utilize pipe of PVC of 90 milimeters of diameter and a spiral without soul. A guide box is placed under the silage and it is comunicate with one a same one wich is in the milk room. The maximum length we recomend is 18 meters. Generally this equipment are placed with two motivs init when the instalation is until 10+10positions. When it exceeds this quantity a third bosx is placed. That will bring only the food from the silage and the others two units will distribute in all the rationers.

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