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automatic feed box to the animals

  • Automatic Power System- M-703

    Manual Feed Box with comand since the tomb by a rope.The mecahinism is built in stainless steel. Ration 500 grams by thrown.

    They are built in galvanozation sheet number 16 or stainless steel quality AISI 409(aluminized)


  • Troghs automatic comand. Trough a bottom comand since the tomb, you can ration all the line equally since 200 grams until 14 kilograms. It suffices just with roatingf the program for rationing the quantity of food desired.

    It is built in galvanization sheet number 16 or stainless steel quality AISI 409 (aluminized). The collective food basin is optional.

  • Feed box of automatic comand since the tomb trough a bottom comand. The rationersare prepared to function with quick doors. They are built as the same way than the previous.
    The collective food basin is optional.

  • System of diet 2001

    new version of the programmable rations, permits not to worry of the quantity of food that is placed in each one of the hopper of storage, since the same itself load in automatic form.
    By this motive, as user of this system does not need reload the equipment before log on the task of milking.
    The automatic carrying of food is connected to a silage or hopper of storage.
    The ration is done since the grave through a boton,
    having the possibility of delivering since 150 grams until 12 kilogram by each time that itself push the buttons of action. 
    Due to a new system of control incorporated to this system, at the moment that the hopper remain with little food, was driven the carrying of food loading again the hoppers. 
    With this system, the unique thing that the user should control is that the silage or hopper have food for the animals


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