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free stoll


  • Free Stoll

    This system of sleep-inducing is utilized in diary farm where the animal does not eat inside the milk room. Each one of the divisions is called ´´BOX´´ its dimensions are of 1.50 meters of wide for 2.50 meters of long.

  • When the animal wants to be feed comes out of the box and rotates 180

    degres, behing her
    astreet is found by where the mixer circulates leaving

    there the food.

    At the moment of the branch the animal comes out of the free stoll and go

    directly to the diary farm. Once she is branched she return to the placed

    she sleeps. Every box is conditioned with sintetic lawn for greater confort

    and avoiding the stress.

  • The system of diet and sleeping- inducing in closing places are utilized in installations of medium and large size.
    The place that you see in the picture has 90 meters of long for 40 meters
    of wide. In there sleep 300 animals.

    The estructure is built in galvanize pipe of 1 1/2"of diameter with posts of 3" haul in to the floor, and auxiliar legs of 1" built of the same material.


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