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  • Sackles to the branch of the animals

    Suspended Shackle built integrally in galvanizaton pipe.
    Born by portics of 4" united among them with steel joint pieces. arms of 2 1/2" to mantain the thorn. Tensosrs of 1 1/2"to stiff the structure and to permit, at the same time, to hang the milk machine og the average line. Railing for backup of troughs or regulable jabot. This structure is prepared to utilize quick exit inside the room. They are built since 6+6 positions until 32+32 positions in modules of 1 meter, 0.90 meter, 0.80 meter and 0.75 meter.

  • Standar Shackles with arches and legsto the floor to mantain the thorn, to the same as the precious one, this is built in pipe of 1 1/2´´of diameter, with simple jabot or double one, for backup of throughs.

    It is built since 4+4 positions until 20+20 positions, in 1 meter modul,

    0.90meter, 0.80 meter and 0.75 meter.

    Shackle thorn for insemination of the animals. Possesses a single zig-zag

    jabot. It is built in modul of 0.75 meter by cow, since 4 until 16


  • Shackles for the milking of goats and sheep´s

    The shackles for the milking of goats are prepared with a system of individual branch, platform of milking, forward doors of fastener and back, cramps of ascent and descended. The neckle, as is observed in the image, is comprised of separators built in galvanized pipe of 1´´ ACINDAR, closed with galvanized sheet Number 20.
    Each space where the animal places the head has a branch that joins in the neck to each one stopping the movement of the same one, so that eat and at the same time it is milking.

    The system functions in the following way:
    *When the first animal enters to the platform, finds all the spaces closes, save the first one.
    * So the animal is positioned, remains joined and supplies to the following one.
    * This operation is carried out in automatic form. Once all the animals are positioned, the operator joins through a mechanism all the branch.
    * In that moment is feeds to the animals and proceeds to the task of milking.
    * Once the animals were milking, the operator frees the system and the animals come out of the platform, giving rise to the income of another group of goats.

    The system of diet, is comprised of a collective hopper that keeps the food and descended of pipe until it bats.

    It bats can be it individual or collective.
    The movement of this system is
    through a programmer of food that be to regulated so that ration quantities equal to each animal

    The collective hopper can be filled by hand, or well through an automatic carrier of food.

    The platforms are built in iron, and the surface, so much of the platform, as of the cramp, they are lined in wood of 1" in thickness.

  • Quick doors

    Quick doors with neumatic operation. Through bottoms located along the tomb of the milk room can be opened or close each one of the doors by separated, or all as a group.

    They are built in models of 4 animals.

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