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Dairy cattle

  • Minutolo SRL in Cañuelas

    The company Minutolo was born in 1979 making shackles and feeders in Lanús. Today is wide known in the industry. This year the company completed the construction of new facilities and deposit in Cañuelas to establish itself as a provider of nutritional products..

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  • Closer to the Producer

    The company Minutolo, traditional supplier of dairy farms prepares its moving from Lanus to Cañuelas. Now the sale room is opened on the facilities on Route 205.

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  • Nutrition of Calves

    Dr. Gijsbert Van Winkoop is the Global Technical Director on in Provimi Ruminants. The Dutch with 52 years old gave a talk on nutrition of calves in the branch of the company Cañuelas Minutolo, representing Alimental - Provimi.

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