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our business is dedicated to the production of:

  • Shackles branch type at pair, simple thorn, thorn suspended, all manufactured in pipe type galvanization marks ACINDAR.
  • Individual Dining rooms of manual operation  for the diet of the animals inside the diary farm, manufactured in galvanization sheet and/or stainless steel quality AISI 409.

  • Individual Dining rooms of automatic operation through planned for the diet of the animals inside the diary farm, manufactured in sheet galvanization and/or stainless steel quality AISI 409.

  • Silage for the copy of balanced food with capacities that goes between 5 and 25 tons, built in galvanization sheet. The models until 15 tons are built with eccentric cone, while the of 20 and 25 tons are of central cone.

  • Automatic transport  for the provision of the troughs.  This equipment transports the food since the silage until each hopper of the troughs that they are found inside the room of the branch.  It is built in pipe of PVC of 90 mm. of diameter, to do its more silent operation and, in the interior of this a without end that rotates carrying the food since a point until another.

  • Circulars waiting corrals.
  • Crossing gates for corrals circulate of 6, 7,8,9y 10 meters of radio built in galvanization pipe of 1 ½" with reinforcements".
  • Rectangular Corrals of to group different roundup animals in the same diary farm.

  • Crossing gates for rectangular corrals.  It possesses two motors for its movement along the corral, two pistons  that are utilized to rise or to descend the screen of carrying.  Its starts by means of a remote control that possesses the diary.  Through this the crossing gate displaces forward by intervals specific (60 to 180 seconds), and backwards without limit of time, being stopped in any point of the corral with alone to drive a button of the remote control.
  • Crossing gates for accesses to help to the corrals and lateral streets, curves crossing gates  for accesses to help to corrals of wait of the type to circulate.
  • Pumps for the heating of the water.  These they are utilized to provide in the diary farm hot water in order to maintain clean the machine of branch and the installations of the room in general.  These kettles are manufactured in sheet of stainless steel of 1/8"de thickness and black sheet of 1/8" in thickness in two volumes of 380 liters and 170 liters. The fuel that utilize these kettles can be gasoil or gas (bottled or natural).
  • Stock dung collectors to water plots with guarantee and to utilize the same one as fertilizer.
  • Handles for insemination and tratment of the animals.

  • Sinks of stainless steel 120, 150 and 200 liters of capacity for the washed of the milk machine.

  • Sheets to replace the braid which is made of concrete in the cavity.  They are built in stainless steel in galvanization sheet.
  • Panels for the closing in help corrals  and/or milk room.

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