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Minutolo S. R.L. is born in 1979 as a business dedicated to the technological development of the  milkman sector, being one of the most important in the Argentine market, providing great part of equipment installed in all the country. 

In the Area of Projects, with the data processing aid of systems as that of COMPUTER ASSISTANCE DESIGN (CAD), equipment they are designed, elements and installations according to the requirements of the clients, following international norms for the production of our systems and equipment.  With these systems applied to the design of dairy farm projects key in hand are delivered. 

In the plant the quality of production is assured with the incorporation of modern machinery.

The Department of Sales of our business is the responsible for marketing the products that manufacture, offering development The Department of Engineering carries out the controls in the installations before and after placed the equipment, assessing the clients upon the good operation and the location of the elements inside the diary farm. 

We export thanks to the  Mercusor to a zone in countries suffices, sending technology of vanguard for the installations in the neighboring country. 


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